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    Publisher:   Release Time:2017-02-20   Browse Number:2990

    Gorgeous neon intertwined with cigarette curls in the corner alley, the magic of February is beautiful and enchanting.

    During the Lantern Festival in 2017, members of New Qumun family gathered in Shanghai to share this feast of reunion and harvest.

    The gongs and drums start the banquet

    【Message from the Chairman】

    Guiding the mountains and rivers, responding to each other with great enthusiasm

    Hard work will pay off. 2017 should carry forward the spirit of hard work, do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, let us toast together to develop a better tomorrow, and wish New Crown Beauty 2017 more brilliant!

    【Orchestra Singing】

    Invited Orchestra

    The sound of music reverberates around the beam. The same is true for New Qumun, from made in China to create in China, we are constantly subverting your imagination.

    【Chick Dance】

    Exploding Chinese New Year --- Chicken Dance

    A colleague from the domestic business department brought the creative dance "Chicken Dance", a red and yellow chick costume, accompanied by a hot dance, which means that the new year is booming and happy new year

    【Cha Cha Dance】

    Stunning future --- Cha Cha Dance

    A "chicken dance" is not enough to turn the whole audience. Colleagues in the domestic business department come to pound the Cha Cha Dance again. The new interpretation makes the audience shine

    【Riding a white horse】

    Staying lonely --- Riding a white horse

    Colleagues in the Technology Center performed the "Horse Riding on a White Horse" affectionately, and the gentle song seemed to tell a story about perseverance. Going hand in hand in the future, you are not alone.

    【A nail】

    Little people great wisdom- A nail

    The second half of the party once again burst the stage. Shanghai Branch brought a sketch of "A nail", and the laughter again pushed the banquet atmosphere to a climax.

    【Happy comedian】

    Can't hold my mouth together --- Happy comedian

    The Technology Center was dedicated to "Happy comedian", but the wonderful performances made the party climax, and it was wonderful

    【Trust Yourself】

    Coming together-Trust Yourself

    The International Business Department brought the shocking sign language dance "believe in yourself" as the dance showed. We have been working hard in silence, persevering in silence, believing in ourselves and being rewarded by hardworking.

    【Hot modern dance】

    Vigor and vitality --- Dancing youth

    The hot modern dance brought by the Shanghai Branch once again ignited the venue. New Qumun is a group of young people who are full of vigor and vitality, unafraid of hardships and dangers and the future. Just youth, move!

    【Award-winning audience】

    Good Luck 2017 --- Happy Greeting

    Lottery, so that audiences receive gifts .New Qumun surely continue to show good luck and good luck!

    【Award ceremony for outstanding employees and teams】

    Outstanding staff and team awards ceremony

    The success of New Qumun is inseparable from the hard work of all employees, and make persistent efforts in the new year to win more honors!

    【Group photo】

    Family portrait --- Happy reunion

    Meeting is destiny, and keeping together is righteousness. Fortunately together with you, go hand in hand!


    Great Party--Food and wine

    Enjoying the great food and wine. Enjoy the happiness.

    Time flies. New Qumun ushered in his twentieth year. New Qumuni is young and beautiful. We are looking forward to 2017, there will be more opportunities, more prospects and more exciting in the coming year!